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Assorted original song lyrics, poetry and short stories I've written over the years are now posted publicly on FictionPress.com. Go have a look! For my fan fiction and fan art see below.
A large gallery of my artwork is here, divided into mediums from pencil to PhotoShop, silk screen to magic marker. A small explanation accompanies each image.
I have been writing a personal blog on LiveJournal, which lets my family keep tabs on what I've been up to in my never ending quest for enlightenment closure competence.
I have been tracking my gardening adventures on MyFolia.
Like everybody else these days I do have a Facebook page. For my own sanity I try to keep it fairly friend-light.
Here's my Baichtal genealogy page with a family tree and related information.
Click here for the index of my Sime~Gen fan page which contains my writing, artwork and poetry in the universe of the novels by Jaqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah.
I also have written Harry Potter fan fiction under the pseudonym "quite whippy".
Except where noted, all artwork is ©1996-2012 by Kaas Baichtal. All rights reserved.